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Thanksgiving Week Update

22 Nov

The new artwork is absolutely fantastic!  We are entrenched in Alpha part 1 at the moment, which means infrastructure, hours, and energy drinks.  Brian’s team has been extremely efficient, and has now shifted focus from the first level structure to behavior which is a very exciting leaf to turn over.  

This is where the initial concept begins to breathe life and hard work sees a little reward.  Everything is starting to be mapped out, from item locations to monster types, to the facial expressions of the main character.  It’s fun, but there is definitely a lot of organization involved…you wouldn’t believe how many items one can put in a game.  

(I can only speculate about how hard teams work for big games like Fallout…)

This new section brings me to our design team’s new focus, which has turned to monsters and puzzles, the nefarious means to thwart our players!  Muahaha…ha …haha.   Ahem.  Trust me, there will be some challenge involved when this game hits your consoles.

We have also put together our teaser “boilerplate” as we get ready to pitch for sponsorship to attend the next Game Developers’ Conference!  Check it out:

You are your own worst enemy in Delirium, a psychological horror game and 2d platform puzzler!  A divided mind has turned on itself, in a twisted, bitter attempt to quell the darkness of a sinister past.  You are the last sane piece of a broken man, and must avoid and outwit your inner demons through a wicked series of puzzles, challenges, and hidden nightmares.  The confrontation approaches…can you pry yourself from dementia or will the vestiges of fear and regret cripple you forever?

Now I am all jacked up and ready to play this thing!  Are you?!?  

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us on the Delirium Team to all of you, our fans!