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GDC Lessons

8 Mar

More than anything gained at the Game Developer’s Conference, I believe team Katastrophe has come away with a great deal more understanding of the game industry and bringing finished products to the market.  One of the biggest problems I can see with student developed games is scope.  The UAT projects were all very ambitious, but we need to face facts and realize that we aren’t as experienced or knowledgeable about game pipelines or asset creation as we’d like to believe.  That knowledge is gained through seeing a project through from start to finish, from concept to completion.

We are in a customer driven industry.  The experiences a game developer creates must, in the end, be consumed by game players.  Yes, everyone at GDC loves games, but none of us can afford to develop games for 10, 20, 100 people…in the long run there are millions of people who enjoy and consume games on a daily basis through many forms of media. For student projects, success means turning a critical eye toward our concepts and maintaining a sense of scope that is focused on providing an experience for an end user within the constraints of budget, personnel, time, and energy.

Delirium has gotten so much from this experience!  When we return to Phoenix, the team is going to focus our efforts on the development and polish of a colorful, interesting, and FUN game.

I’d like to thank all of the professionals that helped us grow and improve this week.  You come from many companies and projects, but every bit of advice, encouragement, and criticism has been a welcome experience.  There are too many of you to mention by name, but I hope you will all look forward to Delirium’s eventual release and the satisfaction that you were part of its success.

Mike Broadbent




Delirium at 2012 Game Developers’ Conference

6 Mar

The Delirium team would like to thank John and Steven at for taking the time to speak with us today!  The team took time to browse the new GDC Play pavilion and appreciate the game industry’s newest games, ideas and developing technologies.  Everyone’s looking forward to the opening of the Expo tomorrow – if you are there, look for Delirium and grab a demo of the game!


Mike Broadbent



GDC 2012

4 Mar

Thanks to everyone who has been following the progress of Delirium, a game I am very excited to show off at the 2012 Game Developers’ Conference in San Francisco, CA.

February may have been a quiet month on the blog, but a lot of hours have gone into polishing our puzzles and interface over that duration.  Some of the best advice I have received while picking the brains of more experienced producers has been to deliver a quality user experience, even in a demo.  Anyone who looks at your game needs to be able to “jump in” through the UI and controls, and if these elements are not reactive and intuitive, you have lost time and possibly your audience.

We brought some new members to the team, reorganized a bit, and spent a lot of time working on our marketing materials.  We now have a DVD/CD pack with some enclosed materials which include the demo, team information, and important info about our concept.

We’ve set some goals for GDC and are motivated to put ourselves out there.  In order to realize the original concept of the game in its entirety, we’d like to get publisher support.  Although we have put many hours and a lot of creativity into the game, some things require more time and money than can be achieved as a purely student endeavor.  I believe our concept showing will be strong and this is a very achievable mark for us.  Our other focus is to market our talent.  GDC is a gathering of industry professionals that is hard to access outside the conference, and it is an excellent time to show off portfolios, meet and greet, and get our names out there.

Look for more updates coming soon!


Mike Broadbent


Nigel Davis’ Intro Post

26 Feb

As AC/DC says, “Let there be sound!” Hi, I’m Nigel Davis, senior at the University of Advancing Technology. I’m usually a level designer, but I dabble in sound effects and am lending my hand to the Delirium team as the sound effect designer. I’m currently working on another project, but am spending most of my time with Delirium.

When not working on Delirium, I’m fencing or playing on Phoenix’s local rugby team. I can’t wait for GDC, and for Delirium to launch. I can’t wait to send demos back to my friends and family back home at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Linked In:


William Kelshaw’s intro

19 Feb

hey everyone! my name is William Kelshaw and i am one of the 2d artists working on Delirium. I am a Game Arts ans Animations student at the University of Advancing Technology that is just starting my “sophomore” semester there in the summer  and i love figuring out what animations were used in triple A games on more than one of the main characters ( little hint… the newest Assassins Creed game uses the same climbing animations for all players in multi-player  and the two main characters in the storyline )


while at University of Advancing Technology i plan on specializing in Rigging and Animations more than the actual design of the characters. on another note this is my first game i have ever worked on and plan on working on more games that are being made here before i graduate


my portfolio

and my linkedin page

Patrick’s Intro Post

18 Feb

My name is Patrick Roy and I’m a 2D artist on the project. I am currently on my last semester as a game art and animation student at the University of Advancing Technology. I am really pumped for Delirium and can’t wait till it hits the Xbox Live Arcade. I previously worked with one other game as a 3D artist and I am currently working on two other games including Delirium. When I’m not modeling, texturing, and burning my eyes from the monitor I enjoy working on cars and just enjoying the great outdoors!

Outside of UAT, I was a Graphic Design and Interactive Media major at Tunxis Community College near my hometown of New Britain, Connecticut. Check out my LinkedIn and my portfolio site! I try to keep it pretty up to date and if you have any other questions let me know!

Portfolio site:   (named after the amount of cameras I’ve accidentally broken)


Delirium is going to GDC!

21 Dec

Congratulations are due to the fantastic team we have working on Delirium!  The University of Advancing Technology has notified us that they will be sponsoring our game to participate in the San Francisco GDC in early March.  You can find more information about the conference here:

What does this mean for us?

There is a lot of work that has to be done.  Design gets to start shifting its focus onto more detailed things, like puzzle testing and evolution, game play pacing, and really focusing down to the player experience.  Music needs to be added; sound is a piece of the game we have not implemented yet.  Art still has plenty of items, placeables, and environmental aspects to work on, but they have given a wide array of really top notch work before this holiday week so we are in a good position.

We will need to begin a lot of testing as we get toward the end of January, and a great deal of my time right now is spent developing a testing plan to make it as painless as possible.

Once we finalize our itinerary for GDC, the team will begin putting some attention on our presentation and public image, such as logos, dress code for the conference, display necessities, etc.    It will be important for us to have a unified front of quality from both a gaming and a presentation standpoint, since more than the game is really on display; each one of us is there to network, learn, and advance our own careers and this is a big opportunity.

Special thanks to UAT, Politically Incorrect Games, LLC, and all of the team members who have put so much work in to make this possible!  Remember, you can learn more about Delirium or follow us:

We will be updating both more frequently as we move into January, with media, art, and gameplay!

Happy Holidays, gamers!

Mike B.