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Clifford’s Intro Post

27 Mar

Hey there! My name is Clifford Duke and I’m one of the programmers working on the Delirium project.  I’m currently majoring in Game Programming at the University of Advancing Technology.  My only real experience on game programming prior to coming to UAT was taking a course on game development on the PS3.  During that course I found that I really enjoyed making games which was perfect since I practically grew up playing video games.  This led me into looking for universities that specialize in game programming which was how I found UAT.

In my spare time I enjoy playing games (kind of obvious), swimming, play the piano (currently really into playing works by Nobuo Uematsu) and learning Martial arts (learning Judo right now, previously did Taekwondo).

Bill Rouse

25 Mar

My name is Bill Rouse, and I’m the music composer of Delirium.

I got into the team through Justin Brantley after their original audio composer left without warning. Delirium will be my first project outside of the my current college’s grounds, and I’m looking forward to the project’s outcome.

Besides making music, I have dabbed into several mediums in the game design industry, including programming, 2D game development, 2D animation, 3D design, graphic design, and modding several games, with Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver being the first game that I modified textures when I was very young.

I’ve gotten my start in game development through an old drag and drop program called Klik & Play, which I’ve upgraded to Multimedia Fusion 2. Most of the games I’ve developed back then were platformers that never made it off. However, the game that started to show promise was Metroid Subzero, a fangame that I’ve started designing late in high school that regrettably died during my second to last semester at RVCC.

I prefer to be the one who plays around with the concepts of game design, like how the concepts flesh out and knowing how the game mechanics work in the end. I like to twist ideas, even bad ones, and make them foundations for better ideas. If the bar is risen, I will try to raise it higher.

I come from a digital multimedia background; my proficiencies lie within Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash. I have a more creative mind than a syntactical mind, so programming is among my weaker skill sets, however, I’m looking to remedy that weakness by semester’s end through another programming class. I want to be a lead designer of a team, but I don’t want to be a liability, and I want my teammates to operate like one clockwork system.


Jonathan’s Intro Post

17 Feb


My name is Jonathan Loo and I’m a new member of the Delirium team. I’m from Michigan and this is my 2nd semester of Game Programming so I have ways to go before I graduate. Before I came to UAT, my main focus was programming in Actionscript along with animation on the side. I’ve loved video games throughout  my life, now I am even more exited to make them. When I first heard about the Delirium project, there was a booth for new comers to sign up. I found it to be really interesting because it was a 2d sidescroller with a horror theme, so I took the offer. I am very excited to continue on working with a great team and can’t wait to show it off!

In my free time I like to explore more on 2d development, mess with UDK and mountain hiking. I’m also a huge fan of the Mass Effect series and the Metroid games. I am very excited to see this game finished!

Meet the Tech Lead

21 Oct

Hi I am Brian Hartong and I am a game programming major at University of Advancing Technology. I received my associates degree in Game Design and Development at Raritan Valley Community College. My family and I are currently raising seeing eye dogs for The Seeing Eye in Morristown NJ. I am currently on my fourth dog to train for them. My first dog was the 15,000 dog to be placed by the seeing eye. I am also a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon. Do I have some knowledge of 2d platformers as I am also working on a small game maker project with one of my friends back in NJ on the side.

William Tate: Art Director

17 Oct


My name’s William Tate and I’m art lead on the project. I’m a digital media student at the University of Advancing Technology and I’m extremely passionate about game art.

I specialize in 3d but I’ve been working mainly in 2d on environments for the game. I graduate in two semesters and this will be the third game I’ve worked on since attending school here.

Meet the Producer

16 Oct

Now with Battle Damage!

Welcome to Delirium!

I was added as a producer this week to help jump start a game that is absolutely exploding with creativity.  Pralie has been learning first-hand how much work running a game project can be, especially if you wear the hats of Design Lead, Project Manager, and Producer yourself!  My role within the project is to let her do what she does best – design great games.

I am a graduate student at UAT studying to become a producer, and Delirium presented me with an opportunity to flex my muscles a bit.  The project is unique in so many ways – and though it seems to be a cliche’ used frequently by game developers, Pralie’s team has managed get through pre-production without drawing comparisons to other, currently available games.  While I have no illusions about the fact that eventually some similarities will manifest, it is a testament to the team’s originality and vision that thus far it remains untainted by market precedent.

My focus for the coming weeks is to develop risk analyses and milestones, organize information flow, and support the teams as they sprint for our first build.  While not all of my work will be glamorous, I will keep updating the blog with interesting tidbits to give some insight into our process.


Mike Broadbent

Ryan’s Intro Post

16 Oct

“We are born into this world a blank slate, and everyone we meet takes a paintbrush and makes a stroke upon our canvas, and In this manner we grow. But the time comes when we must take up the paintbrush ourselves, for only we can determine if we are to be just another painting or a masterpiece.”

Hey everyone! I’m Ryan, one of the artists for Delirium. I’m currently in my 7th Semester as a Game Art and Animation Major at UAT (which means graduation soon!). While I primarily want to focus on environments and prop stuff after graduation, I’ll be working on the in game art for the characters, animations, and probably items for Delirium. I’m definitely optimistic about the project and from what I’ve seen so far, I’m sure we’ll reach our goal of launching the game on Xbox Live Indie Arcade.

As far as art goes, I’ve dabbled with both 3D and 2D and consider myself mostly a generalist. I feel like both have there strengths and weaknesses. When I’m not doing homework or working on the project, I’m usually playing games (Zelda’s my favorite!), or messing around with a major hobby of mine – Photography (I’ve messed with both digital and film).

Feel free to check out my portfolio’s at: