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Art Progress!

19 Nov

As the first official post for Delirium, I feel like it’s important to lay down a strong description of what we’re aiming for artistically in the game.

Mainly our focus here is to veer away from the drab or desaturated colors of games like silent hill or limbo. It is no secret that horror games over the past decade or so have really only had a few color palettes, so aiming for a more colorful and vibrant set of shades would vastly benefit the originality of the project. That’s not to say however we’re making this decision for the sole purpose of being original and different. The game itself revolves around a man who suffers from (you guessed it) Delirium, and it is in his delirious state that things become over saturated and emphasized. In this way, it is almost as if he sees the world around him as some kind of twisted caricature of what it was before.

Our initial style was one which was gritty and over saturated. Making every room a new and disturbing place to look. Part of the process of working on a game though is learning your boundaries, and though these rich and exciting rooms were fun to look at, they were extremely time-consuming to create and with what little man power we had, I knew it was time we had to scale back some.

That is why I looked out our assets and resources and tried to find a new style that fit what we had hoped for in the original plan for the game (colorful yet jarring and creepy).

That’s when I came up with this.

This style of environment displays the colors in a creative and unique way, yet still showcases form and mood appropriately. It is scaled back in that the line work is a lot more stylized and the same goes for the shapes.

Our progress with this style so far has been phenomenal. We have created almost every environment asset for the game needed for the current build so far and are currently working towards finishing up animation and items as well.

I plan on keeping everyone fully updated through this blog as we make progress in production.

Thanks for reading!
-Will Tate
Art lead

William Tate: Art Director

17 Oct


My name’s William Tate and I’m art lead on the project. I’m a digital media student at the University of Advancing Technology and I’m extremely passionate about game art.

I specialize in 3d but I’ve been working mainly in 2d on environments for the game. I graduate in two semesters and this will be the third game I’ve worked on since attending school here.