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Jonathan’s Intro Post

17 Feb


My name is Jonathan Loo and I’m a new member of the Delirium team. I’m from Michigan and this is my 2nd semester of Game Programming so I have ways to go before I graduate. Before I came to UAT, my main focus was programming in Actionscript along with animation on the side. I’ve loved video games throughout  my life, now I am even more exited to make them. When I first heard about the Delirium project, there was a booth for new comers to sign up. I found it to be really interesting because it was a 2d sidescroller with a horror theme, so I took the offer. I am very excited to continue on working with a great team and can’t wait to show it off!

In my free time I like to explore more on 2d development, mess with UDK and mountain hiking. I’m also a huge fan of the Mass Effect series and the Metroid games. I am very excited to see this game finished!