About the Game

“Delirium” will be a horror-themed, 2D action-adventure platformer game with a unique art style. The player will begin the game as an old man, and through a series of events, will be forced to relive their life and confront their worst fears. Throughout the game, the player will be faced with questions that will cause them to think about the consequences of their actions. In the end, the player will have either defeated their inner demons or be consumed by them…

The game is currently under development in XNA, mostly by students at the University of Advancing Technology. We are planning to complete the game early next year, and upon its release, it will be available for download on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel.


You are your own worst enemy in Delirium, a psychological horror game and 2d platform puzzler!  A divided mind has turned on itself, in a twisted, bitter attempt to quell the darkness of a sinister past.  You are the last sane piece of a broken man, and must avoid and outwit your inner demons through a wicked series of puzzles, challenges, and hidden nightmares.  The confrontation approaches…can you pry yourself from dementia or will the vestiges of fear and regret cripple you forever?

2 Responses to “About the Game”

  1. heartofeternity March 21, 2012 at 10:21 pm #

    Would there be any chance for this to come out on PC?

    I, personally, don’t own an Xbox, or a Play Station, for that matter, and this game sounds very intriguing. I lack the money to purchase a console like this as well.

    I love horror games that add elements of suspense, instead of simply gore, and especially when there are choices involved. If it could be developed for PC, perhaps released on Steam or something, that would be amazing!

    • Pralie Dutzel March 23, 2012 at 3:15 pm #

      Thanks for your interest! Since we are creating the game in XNA, we actually have a PC version of the game, and plan on releasing it online, as well. While we aren’t sure about publishing through Steam, there are plenty of other indie publishing sites that we are looking at. Keep an eye out here for updates!

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