Bill Rouse

25 Mar

My name is Bill Rouse, and I’m the music composer of Delirium.

I got into the team through Justin Brantley after their original audio composer left without warning. Delirium will be my first project outside of the my current college’s grounds, and I’m looking forward to the project’s outcome.

Besides making music, I have dabbed into several mediums in the game design industry, including programming, 2D game development, 2D animation, 3D design, graphic design, and modding several games, with Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver being the first game that I modified textures when I was very young.

I’ve gotten my start in game development through an old drag and drop program called Klik & Play, which I’ve upgraded to Multimedia Fusion 2. Most of the games I’ve developed back then were platformers that never made it off. However, the game that started to show promise was Metroid Subzero, a fangame that I’ve started designing late in high school that regrettably died during my second to last semester at RVCC.

I prefer to be the one who plays around with the concepts of game design, like how the concepts flesh out and knowing how the game mechanics work in the end. I like to twist ideas, even bad ones, and make them foundations for better ideas. If the bar is risen, I will try to raise it higher.

I come from a digital multimedia background; my proficiencies lie within Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash. I have a more creative mind than a syntactical mind, so programming is among my weaker skill sets, however, I’m looking to remedy that weakness by semester’s end through another programming class. I want to be a lead designer of a team, but I don’t want to be a liability, and I want my teammates to operate like one clockwork system.


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