GDC 2012

4 Mar

Thanks to everyone who has been following the progress of Delirium, a game I am very excited to show off at the 2012 Game Developers’ Conference in San Francisco, CA.

February may have been a quiet month on the blog, but a lot of hours have gone into polishing our puzzles and interface over that duration.  Some of the best advice I have received while picking the brains of more experienced producers has been to deliver a quality user experience, even in a demo.  Anyone who looks at your game needs to be able to “jump in” through the UI and controls, and if these elements are not reactive and intuitive, you have lost time and possibly your audience.

We brought some new members to the team, reorganized a bit, and spent a lot of time working on our marketing materials.  We now have a DVD/CD pack with some enclosed materials which include the demo, team information, and important info about our concept.

We’ve set some goals for GDC and are motivated to put ourselves out there.  In order to realize the original concept of the game in its entirety, we’d like to get publisher support.  Although we have put many hours and a lot of creativity into the game, some things require more time and money than can be achieved as a purely student endeavor.  I believe our concept showing will be strong and this is a very achievable mark for us.  Our other focus is to market our talent.  GDC is a gathering of industry professionals that is hard to access outside the conference, and it is an excellent time to show off portfolios, meet and greet, and get our names out there.

Look for more updates coming soon!


Mike Broadbent


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