Meet the Producer

16 Oct

Now with Battle Damage!

Welcome to Delirium!

I was added as a producer this week to help jump start a game that is absolutely exploding with creativity.  Pralie has been learning first-hand how much work running a game project can be, especially if you wear the hats of Design Lead, Project Manager, and Producer yourself!  My role within the project is to let her do what she does best – design great games.

I am a graduate student at UAT studying to become a producer, and Delirium presented me with an opportunity to flex my muscles a bit.  The project is unique in so many ways – and though it seems to be a cliche’ used frequently by game developers, Pralie’s team has managed get through pre-production without drawing comparisons to other, currently available games.  While I have no illusions about the fact that eventually some similarities will manifest, it is a testament to the team’s originality and vision that thus far it remains untainted by market precedent.

My focus for the coming weeks is to develop risk analyses and milestones, organize information flow, and support the teams as they sprint for our first build.  While not all of my work will be glamorous, I will keep updating the blog with interesting tidbits to give some insight into our process.


Mike Broadbent

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