19 Jul

Welcome to the development blog for the 2D psychological horror game, Delirium! Here, you can find information about the upcoming horror game, as well as check out the team’s progress so far. We are currently getting ready for the Game Developers Conference, so keep checking back for updates on the game’s development. To learn more about what Delirium is, be sure to take a look at the about page at the top. Thanks for checking us out!


Delirium Demo Now Available!

2 Apr

The latest demo for Delirium is now available for download! This demo features the first level of the game, and is playable on Windows computers. Read below for notes on how to install the game, as well as the controls. Keep in mind that the game is still in development, so you might experience a bug or two when playing. After playing, be sure to let us know what you thought in the comments below. Thanks for playing!


Click to Download the Demo Now


To Install:

  1. Click the link above to download the .zip file for the demo.
  2. Extract the demo to the desired folder.
  3. Open the unzipped folder after it has been extracted.
  4. Double click on the “Delirium_Demo.application” file.
  5. Click the install button on the Application Install pop-up.
  6. The game will be opened automatically after installation completes.



  • A Key: Move Character Left
  • D Key: Move Character Right
  • I Key: Open Inventory
  • Enter Key: Action Button
  • Q Key: Pick Up Item
  • Arrow Keys: Move Cursor (for main menu)
  • ESC Key: Start Button (for title screen) // Pause Button (in-game)


  • WASD Keys: Move Cursor
  • Enter Key: Select // Deselect Item
  • Q Key: Combine Items
  • I Key: Close Inventory



Clifford’s Intro Post

27 Mar

Hey there! My name is Clifford Duke and I’m one of the programmers working on the Delirium project.  I’m currently majoring in Game Programming at the University of Advancing Technology.  My only real experience on game programming prior to coming to UAT was taking a course on game development on the PS3.  During that course I found that I really enjoyed making games which was perfect since I practically grew up playing video games.  This led me into looking for universities that specialize in game programming which was how I found UAT.

In my spare time I enjoy playing games (kind of obvious), swimming, play the piano (currently really into playing works by Nobuo Uematsu) and learning Martial arts (learning Judo right now, previously did Taekwondo).

Bill Rouse

25 Mar

My name is Bill Rouse, and I’m the music composer of Delirium.

I got into the team through Justin Brantley after their original audio composer left without warning. Delirium will be my first project outside of the my current college’s grounds, and I’m looking forward to the project’s outcome.

Besides making music, I have dabbed into several mediums in the game design industry, including programming, 2D game development, 2D animation, 3D design, graphic design, and modding several games, with Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver being the first game that I modified textures when I was very young.

I’ve gotten my start in game development through an old drag and drop program called Klik & Play, which I’ve upgraded to Multimedia Fusion 2. Most of the games I’ve developed back then were platformers that never made it off. However, the game that started to show promise was Metroid Subzero, a fangame that I’ve started designing late in high school that regrettably died during my second to last semester at RVCC.

I prefer to be the one who plays around with the concepts of game design, like how the concepts flesh out and knowing how the game mechanics work in the end. I like to twist ideas, even bad ones, and make them foundations for better ideas. If the bar is risen, I will try to raise it higher.

I come from a digital multimedia background; my proficiencies lie within Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash. I have a more creative mind than a syntactical mind, so programming is among my weaker skill sets, however, I’m looking to remedy that weakness by semester’s end through another programming class. I want to be a lead designer of a team, but I don’t want to be a liability, and I want my teammates to operate like one clockwork system.

Portfolio: http://nerdysimmer.deviantart.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/bill-rouse/40/36/75b

Tech Forum Presentation Online

23 Mar

For those who weren’t able to attend our Tech Forum presentation today at UAT, we have the recording online, as well as our slides. The recording is a bit difficult to hear at times, since we only had one mic for all of the team, but if you have any questions, feel free to comment below or via Facebook or Twitter. A huge thank you to everyone who attended, the University of Advancing Technology for allowing us to present, and of course, the awesome team members who participated!


Watch the Presentation via UStream

View or Download our Slides



“Life at GDC” at Tech Forum

23 Mar

You’re invited to watch the Delirium Team give a presentation about “Life at GDC” as part of the University of Advancing Technology‘s Tech Forum. We will be presenting today (Friday, March 23rd) at 12:30pm (AZ time) in UAT’s theater. The presentation will include the team’s challenges moving towards GDC, their time spent at the conference, and numerous tips for other students looking to attend the conference next year. Everyone attending will receive a free Delirium sticker, so be sure to stop by and support the team! For those unable to attend, UAT will also be streaming the presentation live, along with several other fantastic speakers. If you plan on watching the stream, click the link below, and remember that we won’t be starting until 12:30 Arizona time. Thanks for your support, and we hope to see you there!


What: “Life at GDC”
Presented By: The Delirium Team
When: Friday, March 23rd, 2012 at 12:30pm Arizona time
Where: UAT’s theater, or http://bit.ly/GIFSMs (live stream)

GDC Lessons

8 Mar

More than anything gained at the Game Developer’s Conference, I believe team Katastrophe has come away with a great deal more understanding of the game industry and bringing finished products to the market.  One of the biggest problems I can see with student developed games is scope.  The UAT projects were all very ambitious, but we need to face facts and realize that we aren’t as experienced or knowledgeable about game pipelines or asset creation as we’d like to believe.  That knowledge is gained through seeing a project through from start to finish, from concept to completion.

We are in a customer driven industry.  The experiences a game developer creates must, in the end, be consumed by game players.  Yes, everyone at GDC loves games, but none of us can afford to develop games for 10, 20, 100 people…in the long run there are millions of people who enjoy and consume games on a daily basis through many forms of media. For student projects, success means turning a critical eye toward our concepts and maintaining a sense of scope that is focused on providing an experience for an end user within the constraints of budget, personnel, time, and energy.

Delirium has gotten so much from this experience!  When we return to Phoenix, the team is going to focus our efforts on the development and polish of a colorful, interesting, and FUN game.

I’d like to thank all of the professionals that helped us grow and improve this week.  You come from many companies and projects, but every bit of advice, encouragement, and criticism has been a welcome experience.  There are too many of you to mention by name, but I hope you will all look forward to Delirium’s eventual release and the satisfaction that you were part of its success.

Mike Broadbent




Delirium at 2012 Game Developers’ Conference

6 Mar

The Delirium team would like to thank John and Steven at Indiegames.com for taking the time to speak with us today!  The team took time to browse the new GDC Play pavilion and appreciate the game industry’s newest games, ideas and developing technologies.  Everyone’s looking forward to the opening of the Expo tomorrow – if you are there, look for Delirium and grab a demo of the game!


Mike Broadbent